INSQT Workshops

A main activity of the INSQT is a series of workshops throughout the duration of the network. The first workshop will be 3rd to 5th August 2022 in Glasgow and will bring together the international space quantum technology community to identify the key challenges facing the field, share knowledge, and establish a preliminary roadmap for the development of the space quantum internet. Subsequent workshops will elaborate in the themes initially established.

In addition, INSQT members are invited to host ad hoc mini-workshops on specific topics or challenges. Details on how to apply for funding for these mini-workshop are to come.

Workshop 1: Joint Workshop 3rd – 5th August 2022. Identify key topics or challenges, stimulate cross-community interaction, facilitate extended research exchanges.

Workshop 2: Space Quantum Engineering (Hybrid Q4). To address developmental challenges across SQT domains. Sessions in Space Engineering and Quantum Mission Requirements.

Workshop 3: Space Quantum Networking Workshop (Hybrid Q6). Identify interfaces, challenges, and collaborative opportunities between communications and sensors-PNT communities.

Workshop 4: Consolidation Workshop (Hybrid Q10). Coordination of outputs, technical roadmaps, white-papers.

Workshop 5: Final Review (Hybrid Q12). Review of outcomes, planned follow-on activities.