The International Network in Space Quantum Technologies

“Connecting researchers globally to advance Space Quantum Technologies and the Space Quantum Internet”.

Quantum systems display novel phenomena that are not allowed by “classical physics”, such as quantum entanglement and superposition. These quantum effects can be exploited to enhance or enable new functionality for a variety of applications such as information processing, communication, sensing, positioning, and timing. Quantum technologies are actively being developed with quantum computing and quantum key distribution as high profile examples.

Quantum technology development has mainly concentrated upon terrestrial deployment, translating these systems to space has many potential benefits due to the vantage point it provides, its unique environment, and the long ranges possible. But there are considerable challenges to space operations due to constraints on size, weight (mass), and power (SWaP) as well as the environmental conditions such as vacuum, thermal fluctuations, and radiation experienced by satellite payloads.

A long-term goal in networked quantum technologies is the creation of the quantum internet. This involves the large-scale distribution and utilisation of quantum states and entanglement to further enable a range of transformative applications ranging from Earth-spanning quantum computer networks, intercontinental secure communication, distributed quantum enhanced sensors, enhanced positioning, navigation, and timing, and fundamental physical experiments probing the nature of reality. A space-based segment for quantum entanglement distribution will be crucial for the realisation of the quantum internet, this will require the development of advanced technologies such as quantum memories and repeaters.

The International Network in Space Quantum Technologies (INSQT) has been established to bring together the international space quantum community to tackle these engineering challenges and accelerate development of quantum space missions. It also aims to establish a roadmap for the space quantum internet and identify key steps and avenues for research. INSQT members include academic and public sector institutions, research technology organisations, small & medium enterprise (SME) and large companies. There are more than 40 members across the world.

Scientific meetings, workshops, and other events are non-restricted and the network promotes open discussion and exchange of ideas and information by the benefit of all. The INSQT can also provide support for research exchange visits amongst members, IT solutions for remote collaboration, and the engagement of sector specialists for knowledge exchange.

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Press release on the launch of the INSQT.