Membership of INSQT

The INSQT invites applications from space quantum technology (SQT) active organisations to become a member of the Network. Members will gain facilitated engagement with the international SQT community, exchange knowledge to advance the development of payloads, and contribute to progress towards the Space Quantum Internet.

To manage the application process, prospective members should complete this form indicating their relevant SQT activities, connections with current members, and prospective involvement in INSQT, to Please note the following.

  • Membership is not restricted to any particular type of organisation. It is open to academic, RTO, SME, large industrial, Public Sector, or governmental organisations for example.
  • We adhere UK Government guidelines and will also follow guidance from the CPNI and Responsible Research and Innovation RRI.
  • The INSQT admits ordinary members as well as Partners (the latter will normally contribute financially or in-kind to the network).
  • Members should be active in the area of space quantum technologies. Normally this is taken to mean as payload/mission developers, organisations involved in launching and operating SQT missions, those developing components, subsystems, or applications with a strong SQT aspect, public sector organisation with SQT remit (e.g. ESA, NASA), or downstream players actively looking to exploit the benefits of SQTs. This list is not exhaustive but representative of the degree by which a member is an SQT stakeholder. There is no set minimum number of personnel at a member organisation who are SQT active but some evidence of activity may need to be demonstrated.
  • Membership of INSQT does not guarantee funding from the network.
  • Members will be given preference for in-person attendance at INSQT events where numbers may be restricted (e.g. workshops).
  • By joining, Members agree to receiving information (e.g. via mailing list) relevant to INSQT.
  • Members may request to leave at any time, this does not preclude applications to later rejoin.
  • A Member may be excluded from the Network if their actions are detrimental to the Network or its operation, or their membership contravenes UK Government regulations. This is up to the discretion of the Senior Management Team.