Scientific Board

To help advise the PI and CI on network direction, specific workshop topics, and external expert engagement, a representative scientific board (SB) of INSQT members has been formed. The SB also assists in administering funding to INSQT participants, assessing applications for Extended Research Exchanges, short visits, mini-workshops, provision of Virtual Collaborative IT, and other allowed costs with provision to avoid conflict of interest.

The SB consists of members of the INSQT, in addition to the PI and Co-I, and provides a diverse representation from across the Network, both in terms of the systems and applications pursued as well as across the human dimension to ensure that the Network works fairly for all its members. Aspects also considered include:

  • Different Technologies
  • Different Applications
  • Early Career Researchers
  • Marginalised Groups
  • Industrial Representation
  • Public Sector Representation

SB members may cover more than a single aspect. The SB is not fixed, rotation of members allow for changing workloads, priorities, and to respond to how the network evolves. The SB meets regularly (nominally once a quarter) for normal business. Special meetings are convened as required for assessment of applications or other matters as they arise.