Research Exchanges

Applications are considered on a rolling basis but decided on each quarter, at minimum.

A key component of collaboration within the INSQT Network is through Extended Research Visits (2-4 weeks), between INSQT members. The available funding will support the travel and subsistence for these exchanges, allowing for collaboration between UK and global participants in the field, where the aim is to advance the goals of the network:

  • to mobilise the Space Quantum Technologies communities to tackle space engineering challenges of translating terrestrial quantum technologies to space
  •  to catalyse the development of Space Quantum Networks as an enabler of the quantum internet and enhanced capabilities across a variety of applications.

INSQT Allocation of both the travel and subsistence resource and any required consumables will be made jointly by the PI and CI to support the objectives of the network and following a transparent application process, with advice taken from senior network participants as required. If you would like to arrange an exchange or participation within the INSQT network, please complete this application form and send to