Network Building and Enhancement Visits

INSQT will now support Network Building and Enhancement Visits, of up to 2 weeks, in addition to Research Exchange visits. While the original Research Exchanges are designed to be a minimum of 2 weeks to allow for substantial engagement opportunities, we now allow briefer Network Building and Enhancement Visits to ensure that INSQT members with family obligations, teaching, etc. that preclude them from taking up a full Research Exchange are still able to benefit from the programme. 

The aim of these visits must primarily be to advance the goals of the network: 
  • to mobilise the Space Quantum Technologies communities to tackle space engineering challenges of translating terrestrial quantum technologies to space 
  •  to catalyse the development of Space Quantum Networks as an enabler of the quantum internet and enhanced capabilities across a variety of applications.  

A Network Building and Enhancement Visit must demonstrate alignment and outcomes related to the goals of INSQT, outside the context of solely speaking at or attending seminars.


Indicative levels of funding will be ~£500 for visits within the UK and Europe for visits of 2-5 days, and requests for higher levels of funding for visits outside these regions or for longer durations may be considered proportionally and on a case by case basis; the above amount should serve as indicative for Network Building and Enhancement Visit for INSQT-specific activities. 


Apply by downloading this form and returning once complete to!

Please see additional information and guidance on the application form. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, and reviewed at least once per quarter.